The role of mental mind therapy in treatment psychological problems of pregnant women

Mental therapy is branches of complementary alternative medicine .we don’t use any drugs. In this therapy established a link between patient and whole conciseness. In this link treat any conciseness disorders of patient. Psychological problems are major difficult in pregnancy. Most of the pregnant women have a psychological disorder. They cannot use effective medication during pregnancy; mental therapy is a choice for them .It is not any side effect, they can do it easily, this therapy can treat disorder .we do this therapy on some candidate in our clinic, most of them were not pregnant. In this therapy there is not any difference between pregnant and no pregnant women. The method is case study . In these women we have significant progress in sign and symptoms .the speed of treatment depends on the number of references to office and mental exercises per day. With one time references in week and three times exercises per day in three month, we have at least 20% progression in sign and symptom. In seven month 50%,in one year 70%.In our assumption mental therapy is acceptable way to treat the psychological disorders and we are ready to participative in any program with any organizations and universities .we have to give attention to new therapies and help to established them